A world where everyone enjoys good cardiac health

Lumii inspiration

Our passion for Lumii

Our passion derives from seeing patients with acute heart attacks returning to the clinic as they are not able to complete their cardiac rehabilitation process.

We believe in long lasting results

Lumii is designed for patients to enjoy their rehabilitation and eliminate the risks in their lifestyle. Ensuring they return to great, long-lasting, health.

What people are saying about us

“After more than 20 years in the NHS and over 15 years as a cardiologist, I am passionate about helping people take better care of their heart health. When patients have experienced a cardiac event, I want to make rehabilitation a positive change in their lives.”

Dr. Jonas Eichhöfer

Consultant Cardiologist

“I have spent many years working as a cardiologist, and I am always inspired by the rehabilitation professionals I work with, and I want to help them make the rehabilitation experience as good as it can be for them and for our patients.”

Dr. Ahmed Farag

Consultant Cardiologist

“Lumii is a passion project for me and is very close to my heart. It’s a rewarding experience to be working with a team who are committed to making lives better."

Clare Curran

Senior Digital Designer

“It’s really rewarding to be working with cardiac rehabilitation teams and patients, to really understand their needs, and to capture a solution that will help improve engagement with services and bring about long term behaviour change. It’s giving patients another chance and a better life.”

Justin Wrench

Commercial Manager

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